Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who are the October Wargames Association?

The October Wargames Association is a wargames club. Formed in 1976, we meet as a group and play games with - usually - a military, historical or conflict orientated theme. These games are sometimes based on historical events or on fantasy situations.

The Club meets weekly, every Tuesday evening (except for two weeks at the end of December) at Ladywood Social Club, Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham B16 8SY between 6:00pm and 11:00pm.
What We Play
"Figure" Wargames - These feature miniature representatives of real life items, in metal, plastic or other materials, usually in a reduced scale. This means 'toy soldiers', tanks, spaceships, dragons or whatever. These tend to be built, assembled and painted by their owners. These items are manoeuvred over terrain to a set of rules by one or more players.
We currently play a range of table top figure games in many periods - both historical and Non-historical - such as Ancients, American Civil War (Fire & Fury and Black Powder), World War II (Operation Squad and Flames of War), Napoleonics, Colonial and Many other Historical Periods.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Warhammer to Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy, Malifaux, Firestorm Armada, Uncharted Seas and others.

Many rules sets; Black Powder, Fire & Fury, Operation Squad, Principles of War, Warhammer, DBM, DBA and many others.

We also play board games.

We have access to bar and free car parking at the rear of the building.